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A garota perfeita. Estudiosa, dedicada, responsável, respeitosa e focada foram os ensinamentos que a perseguiram durante toda a sua vida. Astrid Hofferson era a garota exemplar, terminou o Ensino Médio com condecorações pelas suas notas, uma exímia pianista e totalmente comprometida com sua única "paixão", os estudos. What are some good Modern HTTYD AU fanfics?. A Transformation Modern AU fanfic,. but I have a feeling he'll explain that and one of the great things about it is the Hiccstrid stuff isn't in your face like lots of other Modern AUs Continue this thread. 04/07/40 · Sorry about that. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. Hiccstrid - Freeform; Summary "The rules of the game were simple. And the stakes were high. All Astrid had to do to win was stay quiet. Just for five minutes, 5 agonizingly long minutes. 5 minutes and Hiccup was hers for the rest of the week, to do whatever she wanted with. "First HTTYD and Hiccstrid. Holocene by ciaconna drabble & one shot series / Chapter 9: AU, canon-verse, post HTTYD2 After Astrid shipwrecks on an uninhabited island, a tall and twig like excuse of.

Hiccstrid; Modern AU; Tags. Hold Me, Cure Me FanFiction.by Writer for the Tylwyth Teg. Collection of modern AU oneshots in which Hiccup has Crohn's disease and Astrid has brain cancer. These stories document their lives, their suffering, their triumphs, and the love they share that is under the surface of it all. Hiccstrid is the het ship between Hiccup and Astrid from the How to Train Your Dragon fandom. At first Astrid does not care about Hiccup, and after Astrid lands on Hiccup, she questions what side he is on. Later, Astrid starts getting jealous of Hiccup and how well he is doing in Dragon. Modern AU Hiccup: eating a salted pretzel Mmmm So good. You want some? Astrid: No thanks. I know how much you love your salted pretzels. Hiccstrid Paradise. A tribute blog to anything and everything Hiccstrid. ♥ Posts Inbox Archive Navigation About FanFiction YouTube WriterFreak001. Hiccstrid Paradise.

Status In-Progress Summary This is just random one shots about Hiccup and Astrid's life and how their family developed with their three kids Charlotte, Caleb and Chloe. This is a modern AU. If you have any requests about to write about their life, now and then. ALSO! all the kids are all five years apart starting at 16 HOPE. 05/05/37 · 2nd Hiccstrid video to celebrate Valentine's Day and Hiccstrid. I just know that the music I used was called 'City of Sails' from Marcus Warner. Once it was spreading on the Internet with the name.

My Note: This is the cutest Modern AU shot ever! Very heart felt- a bit sad because you don’t know what happened but it all made my heart warm and made me very happy. A very good read, totally recommend you check this ficlet out!

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